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    Paypal Gateway

    I see many country have accepted paypal as another way for the payment gateway. Most of bank are granted paypal as the payment gateway especially on online business. But not all country are accepted paypal as the payment gateway. Most country at asian are not accepted Paypal. I do not know why? Maybe have a certain policy and procedure for paypal expand the business to Asian Country. Mostly Asian Paypal user using credit card for Paypal transaction. What do you think about it?

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    because most of fraudulent credit card charges are coming from Asian countries

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckiesd View Post
    What do you think about it?
    Don't go anywhere near PayPal! Thats what i think! lol they suck

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    PayPal has its issues - but it is one of the biggest payment methods out there - so you should only ignore it at your own peril.
    Studies clearly show that the more payment methods you have available, the more sales you can get. This includes of course credit cards and locally preferred payment methods, as well as payment methods such as pick-up and pay or cash on delivery.
    PayPal really should be one of the methods you offer - simply because so many people use PayPal.
    In a recent study in Australia 42% of people preferred to pay with PayPal.
    That's a lot of possible customers.
    I am aware of some issues with PayPal, which must be managed by account holders as there is the potential that they can lock your account or make refunds without your consent.
    But this is something that credit card providers also do at times - so you must allow for it from a business point of view, anyway.
    You need to be aware of costs though, especially when selling internationally. They charge heavily for currency conversions on top of your normal fees, and depending on where you are located and how much money you have in your account costs for getting your money out of your PayPal account can also be a surprise.
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    PayPal is only what it is because it's a monopoly.

    It's tied directly into ebay without the various governments we have for which have went after companies like microsoft for anti-trust doing anything.

    Last I listed an ebay auction you couldn't as much as say "google checkout" in the listing anywhere.

    The bottom line is paypal could give a crap about you if you have a problem and that goes for both clients and merchants alike.

    I had a plesant conversation with them today that almost left me throwing my cellphone because the guy kept saying he couldn't hear me. Well he probably couldn't hear me because the call was routed to a sandbox in another country.

    I made another call from the same location right after without any problems.

    Never forget what the person in charge of their risk management once put out there. PayPal views paypal funds as discretionary funds that are more likely to be used than perhaps putting something on a credit card or paying cash.

    I still consider it real money.
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