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    Help me pick a server!

    Hi All,

    First post! But hopefully not my last

    So basically we're paying over $120 a month for an old-school Celeron machine. It's served us well for the past 6-7 years, but we're overpaying and it's time to upgrade.

    Uptime is quite important, as this machine is used by our family business to take orders. To be honest we have no redundancy at all at the moment. If the server went down... we'd be in huge trouble. However we've had no issue at all in the past 6 years with this machine (knock on wood).

    We don't get a ton of traffic, however I'd like this new machine to last a while... and I do have some projects lined up to potentially use it. So I'm looking for a dual-core machine with at least 1GB of RAM and 80GB HDD space. Over 2,000GB per month transfer would also be nice. Server must be in North America (preferably east coast.. but not all that important).

    Ideally I'd like to pay as close as possible to what we are paying now (or perhaps even less). I've seen some offers on the offers forum that might suit us.

    However I'm also thinking that for reliability sake, we should throw in a second HDD and a RAID-1 controller. Opinions on this? What else should I look for to help in the reliability department? Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a dedicated hosting provider who offers this for a price within our range.

    Also reputation is key, I'd like a provider with a great uptime history, and one that has been around for at LEAST 5 years.

    So... I know that was a long read... but I'd appreciate any help!


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    Do you need Cpanel as well?

    It'll still be tough to find a Dual Core box with two drives a Hardware RAID Controller for under $120 with 2000 gigs from a reputable host with a reliable network. I think you may need to raise your budget or lower your specs a little bit.

    Just my two cents...


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    Agreed with Jose. Heck Softlayer hasn't even been around for 5 years and they are one of the most respected host around here. I would recommend you look at their Express servers, you get plenty of features and it is only 20 more a month on a good host.

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    Well I am flexible. If a hosting provider has thousands of happy customers on these forums and has only been around a couple of years then of course I would consider them too.

    I don't necessarily HAVE to have RAID... but I'm wondering if you guys strongly recommend it? Or am I better off spending the extra money on a more reliable host?

    In your experience, what is the first part to die on a dedicated server? I'm just assuming its the HDD like a regular computer...

    Then again I've had our current server for many years now with no issues, so perhaps RAID isn't that crucial...

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    If you are comfortable with your current provider, maybe it might be better to send them an email about it and hopefully they can get you the things you want at a reasonable price too. Make known your intention of leaving =X haha it MIGHT help more =p
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    Well we were with interland/verio who were purchased by peer1 who are refering us to serverbeach who don't seem all that interested in keeping our business. I guess us "inherited" clients arent as important.

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    You're correct in thinking the hard drives are the part that first dies, but like you have experienced, sometimes there's no issues for years, sometimes there's issues within days. It's just a fairly low-risk gamble not having RAID. You just have to figure out if you want to be $20-$50/mo. to have that extra insurance policy on your hard drive.

    There are plenty of hosts that wander these forums that have a lot of happy customers and have been around for years. You only have to search the offers forums perhaps, find a few offers you like, and ask about those specific hosts.

    Otherwise it'll be hard to get a specific suggestion from the forum visitors...


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    Quote Originally Posted by somegei View Post
    Well we were with interland/verio who were purchased by peer1 who are refering us to serverbeach who don't seem all that interested in keeping our business. I guess us "inherited" clients arent as important.
    Do you want a server on NTT/Verio network again? managed or unmanaged?

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    Doesn't really matter to me. And I would prefer unmanaged simply because managed is probably too expensive for me.
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    Have you had a look at BurstNET? I believe they can suit your requirements.

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    Thanks... I'll take a look.

    And looks like this might solve my PM problem too

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    Any opinions of iweb??
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    Someone just created a thread titled : Any Review About Dedicated hosting ? you may find answers there or try a search for iweb on the forums.
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