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    Started a vbulletin forum and site....what do I need?

    Hey guys. I am about to purchase a vbulletin license in a few days and start a site. I will start the forums first and get the talking going and build the main site afterwards. Of course the site will suck at first as far as visitors. But what is a good hosting plan to support me for a good little while? I project we'll get up to 150 active users at a time within the first 6 or 7 months with about 50 browsing the main site....(nothing wrong with wishful thinking )

    So, what hosting plan is best to hold me for a while? Not which company, but what specs of the plan are best to hold 100 active users at a time? I dont want to continue to upgrade my hosting plan alot. I'd rather just buy a nice shared hosting plan now to hold me for at least a year or so....until I have to upgrade.

    For those who have dedicated servers, at one point is it time to upgrade to a dedicated server?

    sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm new here and tried to find the best section to post...

    thanks for any help!

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    I'd recommend best to go for a vps hosting solution for the time being and then make sure the vps host is familiar with vbulletin setups. That way you can upgrade as well in the future and have flexibility, and even go dedicated if needed. Just be sure to do your research.

    Good luck
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    What is vps, and what is the difference between a vps and shared hosting?

    any more info you can tell me, im sort of new to this?

    ive ran sites before...but i didnt have to project growth and all that stuff. it was just a simple site...

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    VPS - Virtual Private Server - Take a dedicated server, and split it into smaller servers, they become Virtual servers. so, its like having a dedicated server, at less of a cost. You control what resources your site(s) use.

    Shared hosting - you have a plan, shared with other websites on the same server. Some hosts put restrictions in on how much of the servers resources you can use.

    vBulletin is a pretty hefty script, once you start getting larger, it will take up some resources for sure.
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    From what I understand, initially, you expect very little traffic.
    You project, that in 7 months or so you may reach 100 users online at any given time.
    If you've got 100 people on average who are browsing the forum, you'll need something better than shared web hosting.
    If you've got 0-50 on average, maybe even 70-100 people browsing at peak times if your with a halfway decent provider, shared hosting will be ok for the meantime. If the site really grows like you think it will, eventually you'll have to make the switch.
    But I think for now shared hosting is the way to go, in this case.
    Unless of course you have deep pockets or don't mind shelling out some extra cash to grab a VPS or dedicated plan.
    Good luck.
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    My 2p (2cents - whatever) is to start with a shared hosting plan. Talk to your potential host about what you are doing and ensure that they have an upgrade path for when you need it (ie shared > vps > dedicated).

    As far as hosting specs go - what is your forum based on? Will it have lots of attached files/pictures? Only you will be able to work out what you will need based on your average userbase/post size etc.

    One thing i will point out is not to go with a host that offers unlimited anything for $1/month - you'll just be put on an overloaded server, and shut down when your forum starts doing anywhere near the advertised specs.

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    1 vote for shared hosting.

    A new forum often have less than 10 concurrent users, and business may not expand as fast as you expected.

    The most important is, as soon as your forum need a VPS to handle the load, you can switch to VPS easily.

    So, my suggestion is saving some at the beginning.


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    To get started - shared web hosting is more then enough. Just compare web hosting features with the ones your Vbuletin requrie. Once you make sure everything ok - install it. I believe vBuletin has lot of tips with instalations - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    what is a vps and what plan do you guys recommend?

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    Forums generally grow slowly so it would be better for you to get a shared hosting account for now. Then later upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server as needed.
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    ok. thanks guys. is vps the same thing as semi-dedicated as some sites call it?

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    No a semi dedicated have less users per machine. Usually 2-4 while VPS can have +10

    Stick with shared, vBulletin should be fine on shared, it only matters on how many active database queries per second there are. I would upgrade only if needed. What is your budget? -- Discover the latest Electronic Dance Music

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    Not which company, but what specs of the plan are best to hold 100 active users at a time?
    While there would be shared hosting environments having no issue with that type of usage (they're sometimes called semidedicated packages, but sometimes even if they're not called that, they're basically it) and this will be reflected in the price.

    You're just starting out. Use the "wishful thinking" for motivational purposes, and the practical thinking for handling your finances. Just get a shared hosting account, because chances are it will take a while for your forum to really take off. Of course though, get one from a reputable provider.

    No, don't just look for "semidedicated". The cheaper it is, the less computing power you'll have at your disposal or the less usage will be permitted. Just because it's called a semidedicated, it doesn't mean it's special.

    is vps the same thing as semi-dedicated as some sites call it?
    Semidedicated is in the vast majority of cases not a VPS, but a better/higher end form of shared hosting, where there's a limited number of accounts put per server (there may be tens of them). So, to form an idea of what you get (and make rough comparisons between providers), you need to know the server's configuration and the maximum number of accounts they put on it.

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    Start with a normal shared package, although many people think that their forums are going to be a big success only a few made it, and in the meantime you'll paying for something that you don't need.

    Go with a company where you can grow with it when you need it.
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