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    * how to... get only emails from exim.log?

    Hello, I need to analize exim.log and I have to 'cut' ONLY emails, I`ve got for example

    2008-04-13 04:02:16 1JkpDm-0007aN-V6 == [email protected] R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host

    I think I should use 'cut' command but I don`t really know how to use it, could somebody help me? I want add that it is exim.log with many lines, I want grep only emails. Thanks in advance!
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    You could use this perl script. Just create the script chmod +x it and change the path referenced by $file to the path to your file. It will list emails 1 per line


    $file="your path";
    chomp $line;
    foreach $item (@emails){
    print $item."\n";
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    Thanks I also used cut -d ' ' -f5 and it works also, thanks again!
    Hmm works different, I will analyze perl
    // edit
    yeah cut command also get error messages with grep @ works fine.
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