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    206 down??

    looks like is down...
    giving Error 500 even to their website
    cannot contact them also as they don't response thru email, but only through support ticket... which cannot be reached now.

    should not be network issue at VDI as tracert can connect, POP emails allright.

    Anyone else feeling the same?

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    Sterlet is always down, run as fast as you can.

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    Dear MK123,

    You run away from DonHost but it seems you aren't doing a better experience...

    Am I wrong?!


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    dear Shazan,

    for your information I still cud not run away from your Mother-In-Law's company as bound by annual thing...

    These are the two simultaneous mistakes is did... though I'd rate Sterlet above Donhost in terms of advanced control panel, nicer speed etc. (my users comments)

    Anyway i learned from these mistakes....

    btw sterlet is OK now after about 20 mins!
    POST closed!!!

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    "Na' song sarn" ..... -_-"
    So sorry with you I'm donhost user too...

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    sterlet's been down since yesterday for me, buts its the first time ive had trouble since february (and that was VDI's fault)..

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    Originally posted by gainpresence
    ...buts its...
    and speaking of spelling errors, i think its hilarious how every other word on is misspelled (maybe they're from canada)

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    good lord they're still down (that 3 days straight for me)

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    348 comes up fine for me, but does seem to forward to

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    I'm still not getting them, or VDI.... maybe they blocked my ISP for some odd reason..

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    wait, i just got VDI, but still no sterlet

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    its up

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