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    Thumbs down When did email Spoofing become Legal?

    I got a bounced back message that I never sent. I was profoundly shocked to discover (through the header info) that the message originated from; a site that ostensibly is a spoof email service provider.

    Should such sites be allowed to exist?
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    im 4 banning all eml. we shld stik to sms n tha future 4 all txt comm.

    Seriously though, something does need to be done. Email is a broken technology. Someone needs to build a replacement that has built in sender validation, encryption, etc...instead of all the dns hacks and client add-ons.
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    This is called a Joe job. It is far more common than you think. SMTP is a very simple protocol and there is nothing to certify that the "From:" address is real. Administrators who bounce mail back to the faked from address only add to the problem (see this article for more information).

    At this point there isn't too much you can do. I report these via spamcop with a note to the administrator to hire someone who knows how to setup email. It sometimes works but, for example, I continue to get them from Yahoo's and have reported it probably 25 times.
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