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    in need for seo hosting in multiple countries

    Hi guys.

    i am looking for a vps in a couple of countries.

    france, germany, australia, usa for starters.
    This can be from different hosting providers offcourse, server should be located in that country itself.

    All vps's should can pretty basic and come with 10 ipadresses on different c-classes.


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    If you were allowing private messages, it would have been more easy for somebody to offer you something. Also, there is a special forum for this.

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    Servers & our leading control panel and our Xen VPS hosting, which are already included in Debian and Ubuntu
    Available in: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Seattle, Atlanta, Paris, London, Barcelona, Zurich, Israel

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    Hi thomas,

    im not sure where to enable this, i didnt know this was disabled by default.

    ill check out the forum. sorry for the mispost, can a mod redirect it to the correct forum?

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    You probably need 10 posts to send/receive pms.

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