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    "Runnin with the Devil" vocal track - hilarious

    Isolated David Lee Roth vocal track from "Runnin with the Devil". Very strange to hear it stripped down like this. And absolutely mental

    MP3 LINK:

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    Classic haha very strange to hear it like this for sure!, Canadian hosting based on high-availability w/ 24/7 bilingual (French) support & 100% uptime -> Toll free phone support
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    lol....that was one of the tracks that got me into Van Halen a very long time ago.

    the B Side of that single is the original version of Eruption....a totally awesome guitar solo track...which I've edited and use as my current ringtone. When my phone rings it scares the crap out of anyone standing too close cause I have it on loud

    I used to play this note perfect years ago but sadly now I'm out of practise.

    never been bettered even after all these years.

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    Haha that gave me a few smiles.

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    Very funny!
    At least he's singing in tune, unlike he does (or should I say did) on stage.

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    Actually, to me, that is pretty cool!
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    When I didnt know how to drive , I was about 13... I " borrowed " a friends car ( an IRoc Z28 )this was my drivin tune * blush *
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