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    Search Engines?!?!?! Aggh!!

    I'm so confused.... No matter what I do I just don't get those top search engine rankings..... Any experts willing to help me out? I can give you something, like promotion, who knows.

    Or if you have any tips. Thanks

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    haha, atleast your in one...

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    1. keywords reiterated throughout your site
    2. meta tags with those keywords
    3. links to your site using some of those keywords
    4. a friend at google
    5. keywords
    6. keywords
    7. keywords

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    haha, atleast your in one...
    My sentiments exactly. >> Web hosting forum
    I own a webhosting community hosted at
    Thank you DomiNET

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    Originally posted by Dogma
    [*]a friend at google
    Judging by the photo on the main page of his site, and the linked interview, he's already working on that!

    Assuming that is the site you're talking about Matt, you're in good shape as far as the basics: content and incoming links. A few elements are missing but you have a good start. Of course, some of the keywords you'll want most are some of the most competitive out there, so it's never going to be easy! But it could be worse, you could be running an online casino.
    Specializing in SEO and PPC management.

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    Proper keywords selection is a must for getting top search engine rankings. Do not give too many keywords or too few keywords on the page. It is on your judgement how you drive the attention to your site by giving intelligent keywords for search engined.

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