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    Cheap Domain Names $7.50 AUD

    We know have launched our domain name portal. You can now buy domain names off us for as low as $7.50AUD. This also includes FREE Privacy Protection.

    Head over to Jicola Domains to buy cheap domains names.

    (According to Google - 7.50 Australian dollars = 6.91575 U.S. dollars)

    Don't spend 8.95, 9.95, 10.95, 11.95, 12.95 and the price keeps climbing.

    You can buy 3 domains for under $25 with cash still left over.

    We're giving these prices so low - that we don't even make a profit. And it is going to stay this low for a long time.

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    Domains are now AUD$6.99 and according to Google, that is $6.65USD. This price is here to stay for now. Sign up now

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