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    Went to their site after checking out a few reviews. An offer to chat with a sales rep popped up. I did so, am I ever glad I did, their pre sales support is phenomenal. I signed up for a what seems like a great plan.

    I'll post back after I see what kind of abuse I can put this server through, I really hope their tech support is as good as their sales support

    If anyone from steadcom reads this...

    Give ddespointes a raise.

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    Wow! We're really glad you came to visit =) Very kind words, and I'll make sure 'ddespointes' gets hint of your post.

    Welcome to SteadCom!
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    Demitri is a good guy. I've worked with him and known him for a long time. I'm sure your service with them will be fantastic.

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    Another happy steadcom customer.

    Dimitri as always good guy, you also gabe, be not jealous

    They've been awesome for me as well.

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    Dimitri and Gabe have been spectacular to work with. Steadcom is a real class act -- I'm really surprised there aren't more reviews on here.
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    They will come
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