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    ipv6 security implications

    Using CentOS server hosted with The Planet.

    When I do an ifconfig I see a regular IP as well as an IPv6 one.

    Does this mean my server is accessible via IPv6 as well, and would that bypass any firewall I have set on the regular IP? I noticed theres a ip6tables as well but I don't have it started. I'm fairly new to iptables in general so I'm not touching ipv6 now, unless I have to. Would it be safe to just block everything through ipv6 or would that be bad?

    I'm kind of interested in learning more about IPv6 and eventually actually supporting it, but for now I rather not until I learn more about it.

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    there shouldn't be any negatives in disabling it try
    I can give other examples if you need previousversion, but they are all pretty much the same, you can google ipv6 and get a TON of info
    Dave Parish

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