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    EchoServers Review


    I have been using for quite some time. When I signed up with EchoServers I had very little experience with managing a server. Jesse Kielhorn (Owner Of EchoServers) understood that and helped me with everything I needed, everything from installing scripts to fixing email problems. His support response time was excellent, never had to wait more then a couple of hours to receive a response via e-mail from him. Not only did Jesse Kielhorn help me with server issues, when I was having some financial issues he kept my account alive until I could get back on my feet. EchoServers is an excellent provider bringing fast speeds, cheap prices and excellent support..

    Uptime: 99.9%
    Support: Excellent 10/10
    Friendliness: Excellent 10/10
    Prices: Excellent 10/10

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    Jesse is a good guy. Very honest and great person to talk to.
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    Yeah echoservers is a good company. Jesse is also a good guy. We currently use echoservers for off site backup solutions.
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    would you please provide the url of your web ? in case you dont want to make it public you can submit it to an admin ( IIRC)

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    I would like my URL private. I will let an admin know later. Thanks

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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I'm glad to see you're happy with our services.

    Kind Regards,

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    How much did cost his help?
    Is managed or unmanaged your VPS?
    I'm from Europe and I'm interested also if has any server here for VPS's.
    Thank you.

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