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    Credit Cards

    What is the cheapest way to get an amount from a credit card?

    I am with Barclays. Is it possible to get the Credit Card number (through SSL) and other details and then go to the bank to collect the mony manually again?

    I am new to E-commerce but I hate commission.

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    As long as credit cards are being used, there will always be commission somewhere along the way.

    You might want to give Paypal a try since they charge amongst the lowest around but their foreign exchange rate may not be all that great.

    Or you might want to check out SWREG.ORG , although they handle shareware registration by nature, you could write to Steve and ask him about your situation. They charges are 0.75p + 4%.

    Alternatively, if you are only expecting audience from UK only, you could consider collecting cheques or bank drafts. That should be the least commission.

    hope that helps. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    As edwin said, once you use credit card, there will always be fees involved. (How else would they pay me my cash back bonus? )

    The only way I can think of is - use c2it, and also have your buyer/payer use a citibank credit card, and you can charge from the card, yet it is still a purchase (not cash advance). However, this is very specific (have to use both c2it and citibank credit cards), so it is not likely to be useful.

    There are costs associated with operating credit card that simply cannot be avoided.


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    Is it possible that the credit card details go straight to my bank so my account is credited with the respective amount without any hassle???

    I want to build a proffessional e-commerce shop without all those ibill or Paypal crap.


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    Yes, you can have it go straight to your bank but you would need to open a Merchant Account with your bank. You might want to check with them on what the procedure is and how much it would cost. Do specify that you are taking online orders as these are the ones which can approved without client's signature and thus would be apt for mail orders and internet orders. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    barclays do offer merchant services,but if your a new company the cost might be a little more than you expected ,merchant accounts are very expensive .
    go to for details
    if you are looking for a low cost solution then may be more suitable they pay you by bacs into your bank ,i think they charge 4.5%+25 pence per transaction yearly fee of 85 and a onetime setup of 75.
    other options are hostcharge ,revecom,2 checkout and worldpay

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    Useful info. Skip the merchant account as it is too expensive. At this moment use existing services untill you see whether your Website gets the desired respond!!!


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