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    getting a nav header to expand length of page


    I usually just create navigation banners in Fireworks, drop them into an HTML template, about 1000 pix wide, and that is that!! I'll change the background color of the page generally match the median gradient coloer, and thats about it!!

    Now, I've got a client asking if the top navigation and expand out to larger monitor sizes.
    Please check

    Like I mentioned, its 1000 pixels wide. Hmmmm, I tried slicing a piece of it and setting it as a background, hence the banner snip on the right hand side of the navigation banner.

    How can I get an image to expand/contract? CSS somehow? I guess I'm just not sure how a Fireworks jpeg export is going to automatically change from 1000 px, up to 1280 pix, or down to 1024, etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    hmmmm, I basically found by setting a 40 x 800 rectangle as a background, that blueish banner covers the entire span of the webpage.


    hmmmm, I guess I'll have to experiment with my Fireworks Export as HTML / Export slices in order to get the buttons to float over the new page.

    any ideas?

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    Hi Brad,

    Are you willing to learn more about the technologies you're using, to ditch the slicing/exporting methods from Fireworks (and all others, they're all quite bad), and learn how to work with the technology at the code level? Or are you looking for a quick fix?
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