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    Cheap webhosting designs. Coded/Clean/Fresh $15

    These webdesigns are already coded.
    I will update this thread with new ones:

    1. Webdesign1:
    Price: $15 via PayPal
    Small customisation will be made
    You get full rights to design (reseller/copyrights).
    Its coded, you will get PSD (Adobe Photoshop) and HTML/CSS.

    PM me if you are interested in purchase, or email:
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    Price lowered to $8

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    ..... price is $5.. You get coded, uniq design with full rights for one beer

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    mate the link you provided for the image isn't working

    PM me after uploading the image , if i like the design ill pay you right away

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    not working, can you reup it?

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    Redlayer-Mark, I am very interested in purchasing your template.

    Could you please re-upload it so that I can purchase it?

    Thank You,

    - Phynom

    Also is this design 100% Unique? I am building a database for templates for my customers so I would like to know if it has been sold elsewhere.

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