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    Question Server for video.


    We are going to launch Video Tours service for real-estate companies.
    The video files will be stored on the server and shown by request.
    What kind of server should we use for this task?
    Are there any specific requirements to the server and the network?

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    I would go for a server with at least a quad core cpu, maybe a dual cpu config if your budget allows it and enough memory and storage space

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    To be honest, a Core 2 duo could work for you. I got 1 specific client that does a video pooling site on it with about 50+ downloads a day of around 150 mb videos.

    The server does just fine for him. So depending on your load, a Core 2 Duo with the right management, could be all that ya need.

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    Yeah, it depends on the number of visitors, number and size of videos, resolution etc..
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    You need a good powerful processor, preferably 4 - 8GB RAM and a good connectivity. What kind of software are you going to use.
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    I agree with domainwala, all other posts are pretty much useless until you can figure out the size of your videos, resolution and streaming size (in kbps) and most importanly - THE NUMBER OF CONCURRENT USERS.

    Just my $.02

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