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    As a customer, what do you look for when buying shared hosting?

    Hi All,

    Doing a little research... What do you look for when signing up for shared hosting?

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    For me, quality is paramount. Sure, having a lot for a little is nice, but it usually doesn't work out like that.

    I have found the cheap hosts to have terrible support and most I have encountered are in it for making some money.

    Good support and great packages is what I always look for.

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    SSH access
    Ability to control PHP globals

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    The most important thing is quality of service, support, and price.

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    I'll be completely honest here, the #1 thing is cost. After cost I look for what you get for the service. So basically overall value of the provider is what matters most.
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    I look for quality above all else. Redundant hardware on a highly reliable network with low latency, as well as knowledgeable staff and quick, capable support. Its important to talk to someone at the company. Even if all you can get is live sales staff, ask them some questions. It's OK if they don't know all of the answers. What is important is that they seek out those answers which they don't have and relay them to you.

    Also, they have to be able to scale my services with minimal downtime (within reason).

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    I look for the quality of service and support before I look for price, generally you are going to get what you pay for and if you search for a host based on the lowest price you are generally going to get the lowest level of quality and support as well (although not always).

    When I have done research on hosts myself I have always contacted their sales department and their support department and had conversations with them to get a feel for how well they know their service and how they would handle a support ticket or issue.

    Also be sure to read the terms of service of any host you are seriously considering because often times there is something in the tos that is not listed anywhere else and could hold you back.
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    Quality Support and Service with excellent uptime, its so easily to be sucked into a host that fails greatly, theres many many 16 year olds out there hosting web companies that are bound to fail, in saying that, some of those 16 year olds turn out to be very succesful web hosters

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    A good reputation for service and great support are the most important to me. Price is important, but not as much as quality.


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    I think everyone would agree that you want a host with good service. The problem is its hard to measure that based on reviewing their site alone. Often you don't know just how good (or bad) a host is until there is a problem that needs solving.

    Sure you can rely on reviews here and elsewhere, but more often than not, only negative reviews get posted because happy users have nothing to talk about.

    So, ya, good service is important, but its hard to measure what's good.
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    Well, what I look for in shared web hosting are things like...

    Have there been a ton of bad reviews online about this company?
    Have their customers complained about downtime, ect?
    How long has this company been in business?
    Do they offer PHONE technical support? If so, is it based in an English speaking country? (Tacky, I know... But I grow tired of explaining things to people who cannot understand my terribly Southern accent.)
    Does this company offer an alternative to port 25 blocks?

    These are questions I would ask myself when scouting a new shared host.
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    Recently I was looking for a shared hosting and few of the considerations were:
    - Good reputation of the shared host
    - Good value for money
    - Advanced panel
    - Server response time
    - Option to scale up the hosting program
    - Money back garneted for a trail period
    - Responsive support personnel.

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    I look for good service and support.
    My 2 favorite hosts have great support so its more support then any thing but service does matter but it takes second place.

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    For me, uptimes, price and SSH. - The place for shopping online!
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    552 set up fee.

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    For me, i choice uptime,support quality and price also.

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    The most inportant is price,then service, support,

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    Good website, good response time, good staff.
    Look at website -> send a sales email, ask a few questions, maybe something unrelated to the sales department, see what you come up with, make the final decision, then cross your fingers and hope it's good.
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