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    Need help with server Dell vs Chenbro vs other

    We are looking for a couple of servers for streaming media application and database application. We are wondering if anyone can give us some suggestions as to whether to use a used-Dell 1750 or 1850 vs. a new Taiwan-made server such as Chenbro servers?
    Will a used-Dell servers better or worst than a new white-label servers? Can anyone give recommedation on which servers to use? We need something that is very reliable but we definitely can't afford something like a new IBM or Dell.

    Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.


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    Your best bet is to build one yourself, even with white-label servers, or hit up e-bay and buy some used Dells.
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    I have heard good things about Chenbro. However, do you have option for Supermicro boxes?

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    I've used Chenbro cases, and they're nice, I don't think they make full systems...
    I don't buy Dell anymore, I buy from ComputerLink, they integrate whatever I want for
    a lower cost and generally higher quality. That being said, I never need phone support...
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