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Thread: Qmail Isssue

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    Question Qmail Isssue

    All of a sudden none of my customers can use any 3rd party mail client - Outlook, etc

    They can use webmail, no emails are being lost.

    the error everyone gets when they try to receive email from outlook or windows mail or anything that is not webmail is:

    Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: ', Server: ', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

    I have rebooted the mail server. I have googled to death. And can't find any solution at all???

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    Check with their ISP, sometimes they change what ports they allow in and out.

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    they all have differn't ISP's all over the world. everyone is getting the same error

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    Have you blocked port 110 on your server recently?

    Run this from command line:
    nmap -sT -O localhost

    If that lists it as open, try running a telnet from your computer:
    telnet servernamehere 110

    This will test to see if you can in fact reach it from outside your local box

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    I can telenet in to the mail server. 110 is open. ...Thanks for trying~!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTheHostx View Post
    I can telenet in to the mail server. 110 is open. ...Thanks for trying~!
    This may sound sound obvious, and I know you can telnet to port 110 but can they? It's not uncommon to forget that as admin, you may have added/whitelisted your own IP addresses, thus meaning you don't experience the same issues

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    The first thing is have you configured outlook or outlook express to check email from your server.

    Also can you telnet from your windows machine to 25 and 110 for popmail

    do you get responses from those telnet sessions?

    Also what is the error you see under maillog

    tail -f mmaillog and then try to send an email from outlook.

    Also you can install ngrep on your computer then run

    ngrep port 110

    to sniff all traffic to port 110 and see the error messages.

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    Okay heres a bit more info now that i have had more time to invesigate

    At present, all relevent ports are open, and I can telnet into them without any problems. When I telnet using port 25, i can send mail no probs from the command line. However, when I telnet using port 110, using valid credentials, the server drops the connection without notice.

    I can access mailboxes from webmail (imap is working ok), but when i connect using pop3 (outlook, outlook express, or any mail client) the connection is established, but as soon as it tries to auth, the server drops the connection without notice.

    qmail is working fine, as mail is being delivered and forwarded out ok.

    The installation of qmail uses a mysql db for config purposes. (mysql is up and running and connections can be established ok - using scripts, and the fact that imap is authing the customers as they log in).

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    If it drops the connection immediately after auth, every time, then it must be generating an error somewhere. Check your logfiles accordingly and post back.

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