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Thread: Youtube broken?

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    Youtube broken?

    Since the update they did on the 9th of April I've been seeing issues with trying to view youtube videos. On one computer using Mozilla fails, but FF works. On the other, both Moz and FF fail. Same versions all around.

    I see an error on the page claiming either JS is disabled (it isn't) or the flash payer is outdated (brand new version, just downloaded).
    Anyone else?
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    Nope i use avant and ie no problems do you like the new changes it seems like they went bac to some of what it used to be and added the social networking stuff
    their was a thick black text on certain spots like a template error yesterday &days before,
    seems to be gone today everything bac to normal now
    and i havnt installed the current version of flash or java i just ignore the ready to install/update message on startup
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    I've gotten that too...

    Since I dont visit youtube often, it doesnt bother me.

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    I use Aol explorer and haven't had any troubles with youtube.

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    Fixed my sisters this morning, same problem. Just update your browser.
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