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    Hi Guys.

    Can anybody tell me about name scout. I would like to hear about the good side as well as any negative points.

    I would like to hear about them before using there service, instead of signing up and then discovering the problems.

    Normally I sign up with a web host and everything goes fine for awhile then it seems to go down hill.

    So far my bad experiences include, homestead, directoris, and cyberwings.

    Thanks in advance
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    We have just finished a 1 month battle with them over our account. This is, their Australian site - but all billing is handled in Barbados or the US from what I can work out.

    Anyway, I would stay a million miles away from them based on the sloppy service we have received.
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    Never heard of these guys.. But homestead has always stunk thats why I left back in the day when they went pay, and cyberwings well the name pretty much sums it up.. I suggest trying a search that might pop something up.. good luck
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