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    Best host for data-driven sites

    Hi all-

    Excuse me if this has been answered before. I run, which is a graphic and web design centered site, along with a few other tidbits, but anyways, we have been in limbo for the last month or two because two of our hosts have crappped out and we are now looking for a new host. We currently host the site on *******.net, but the "banner ad" that was the only ad required for sites turned out to be a banner ad that brought up 2-3 pop-ups per page. As you can probably tell, we were not pleased with this.

    My main question is-Does anyone here know of a host that is good with data driven sites? By data-driven I mean:

    :: Data is stored in mySQL database

    ::Runs heavily off content

    If any one might know of one or a couple, here are some basic specs:

    ::10-50 megs of space

    :HP and mySQL

    :OP mail accounts (if possible)

    ::Cpanel, plesk, or similar control panel

    ::NO ADS of any kind besides maybe a 88x31 size botton for the host, but NO POP-UPS OR BANNER ADS!

    ::2-10 gb bandwidth a month-We are currently running about 500 hits a month

    ::5+ mySQL databases

    ::$3-5/month cost

    Sorry to be kinda rude about the ads, but I am really sick of hosts that have this. Also sorry to demand a bit with all the specs, but they are just a referrence for those who may know of a host.

    If you would know of any host with these specs or similar, please help me out and post.



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    check out .. there are no ad requirements but u need to pay 12 months upfront.
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    hmmm why such a large commitment.

    12 months is a lot.

    I suggest you shop some more.

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    Yeah they look pretty good, but 12 months ahead at $5 a month = $60 one time fee. I didn't see how much their domain registration was, but since I'm a student I am not rolling in $$$. Any one else have ideas?

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    you might want to try any of the recommended hosts we recommend here. They are all database avaliable

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    You should ask for a quote under the hosting request section. I am sure you will get plenty of offer that may appeal to you. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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