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    vietnam VPS needed for proxy server


    Urgently need a vietnam VPS to act for proxy server. It is for personal use. Data transfer will not be much.

    If possible, pls include the setup of proxy server.

    If not, i need just a windows xp machine with 512 ram minimum.


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    I don't think I have seen any offers from Vietnamese datacenter here before.

    You'll have better luck with servers in other datacenters in SEA like Singapore & Malaysia.

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    I second this, it might be quite hard to find a VPS in Vietnam. Have you ever tried to search for providers in Singapore? Not even talking about ourself, there's quite a few there, and I believe that this will speed-up your connections.

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    How about any home user in vietnam who run his computer 24 hours?

    Just install the following program,keep it running and give me the ip/port.

    I will pay a nominal fee.

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    I don't think internet connection is so good in Vietnam. I know they are definitely not that good in other parts of Indochina.

    And remember that it is dangerous for him because Vietnam is as regulated as china. Don't think you find anyone stupid enough to take this risk.

    Maybe you should tell why you need a proxy there?

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