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    Searching pure (ftp) backup space?

    When I look around almost all offers are webhosting as
    Dedicated or Managed servers with PHP, MxySQL and so on.

    What I need is (big) pure backup space which must be at least
    accessible by (reliable and pretty fast but not absolute ultar-high-speed) ftp server (which supports resuming of ftp-sessions).

    Needed space: 200 GB

    Traffic per month: 200-500 GB (can be at night)

    (only) Nice to have (but not absolutely required):

    - TLS/SSL Encryption for ftp
    - 2-5 more ftp accounts (sharing the same space)
    - crontab and perl scripts
    - WebDav

    thats it.

    How do I search for these kind of packages ?

    Maybe some of the readers have a hint for me

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    200GB? charge $40 for it.

    If you or your friend have a dedicated server, rent one more hard drive may be better.

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