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    Question - confusing renewal for hosting

    I have been hosting my site with for the last year and it is time for renewal. I have hosted at others that have been awful and was pleased with olm. I had their "Value" plan (personal site) with the following:

    Monthly Fee: $13.95
    Traffic/Month: 3 GB
    Disk Space: 150 MB
    Secure Server
    PHP, 10 POP email, FTP/SSH, SSI

    I didn't need that much since I only have a personal site and the space I am using now is only 24MB after one year of use.

    I don't think I will need more than 50MB ever. I wanted to downgrade to their (olm's) cheapest plan ($8.95/mo.)

    I emailed sales, telephoned them and got three different answers for the same plan. Two people in sales quoted me something different as well as the telephone rep that works in sales. Makes me wonder.

    (They upgraded their *datacenter* since the beginnning of the year and have new plans)

    I asked for a clarification and the email sales people told me the telephone sales people quoted me incorrect information. Then, from searching this forum, I see yet another promotion from cnet at olm for a lot more than I was quoted (for $9.95/mo but offers almost double) and sales didn't tell me about that promotion.

    Confusing yes. I asked for clarification once again in an email (they prefer emails) of what my $8.95 would get me. Just tell me what I am buying.

    I get an email today saying "Whatever you choose to do, please send your VISA account number and print/sign this and fax back to us for payment.

    I am getting pretty discouraged by all this and I know it is not a big deal but I just want to know what I am getting. Is that too much to ask?

    message from olm sales:
    The plan that Sales quoted on the phone is the Essential Plan that we have discontinued to offer, but if you are an existing customer and want to downgrade or upgrade to this plan, then your account can be modified to fit this plan. These plans are hosting on our older server. Also, the Essential plan does not have secure server.

    All the plans that you see on our website are hosted on our new datacenter that we opened early this year. The plan on our website is not the Essential plan, but at Host SE-1 plan.

    comment: Sales told me I would get a secure server with this plan. I am tired of this run around and am wondering if I should just find something cheaper than olm.

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    If their service is good, I would not squibble over a few eggs (dollars).

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