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    Windows 2000/XP Dedicated Servers

    The minimum requirements that I am seeking for is that it must be a Windows 2000 or Windows XP machine with at least 1024 MB of DDR PC3200 RAM and at least a single-core 2 GHz CPU whether it be AMD or Intel (something suitable for a gameserver and webserver combo), 40GB SATA/RAID Harddrive, and a Full Duplex 100 Mbit port with plenty of bandwidth to run a 32-Player 66tic CSS Server.

    The price range that I seek is between $60 to $120 per month.

    Just looking and planning for the summer.

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    $120 can get you a cheap dedicated server, have you looked @ BurstNet (buy from a reliable reseller), you can get 2TB bandwidth and a dual core for ~$100.

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    though i doubt whether this config will be able to handle gameserver.. have you tested this config?
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    I guess it would be ok to lower the standards. Doesn't have to be that high. At least a standard 8-Player CSS server.

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