JusticeGaming.co.uk are offering you cheap and reliable UK gameservers and TS servers.

Gameserver prices :

We support the following games:
Battlefield 2 Unranked 0.99p/Slot Order
Call of Duty 0.99p/Slot Order
Call of Duty 2 0.99p/Slot Order
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 1.00/Slot Order
Counter-Strike: Source 0.99p/Slot Order
Day of Defeat Source 0.99p/Slot Order
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch 0.99p/Slot Order
More coming soon
Please contact me if there is a game not mentioned and you need a server in that game. We can install most if not all games

All Gameservers are setup within 24 hours of ordering.
Powerful, easy to use Control Panel.
Reinstall, Start, Stop and Restart your gameserver Functions.
24/7 Support from technical support gamers.
Runned on powerful servers located in london.

Payments via paypal.
Sales team via phone available.
1GB space for maps and mods.
Free Mod/maps installs.
Free Web Hosting.

Teamspeak Slots Price
10 3.00
15 4.50
20 6.00
25 7.50
30 9.00
35 10.50
40 12.00
45 13.50
50 15.00
55 16.50
60 18.00
65 19.50
70 21.00
75 22.50
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