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    New website

    Hi Everyone,
    I am in a process of making a site. Somebody suggested PHP is the best solution. What kind of backend programing is it needed and what operating system should I choose
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    Best to use PHP with linux.

    Backend programming I thought you mention it already! Why, PHP of course.

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    PHP is the best because it is one of the easiest languages to interact with databases with. it also is open source, and most hosts offer it, compared to ASP or Cold Fusion.
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    I would say this depends on what kind of database your looking into using.

    if ($database = "MySQL")
    echo "Use PHP";

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    Yes, PHP is the best solution. Use My SQL as backend.
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    PHP and MYSQL is good if your looking to incorporate with your

    webdesign. If not, you can try perl and MYSQL, although it's

    harder to work with your layout, but it's still very powerful if you

    need extensive admin side functions. The other choice is simply

    HTML is the best, fast and reliable, and less security issues!
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    PHP is one of the top choices with about any common database. Some reasons:
    1.) Speed
    2.) Open source (means faster bug fixes etc)
    3.) Cross platform (works on any common plattform)
    4.) Free
    5.) Common syntax and easy to learn

    Clarence Eldefors
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