Hi all,

I have a site which is about 8 months old and is based on wordpress. Unfortunately the code is just not robust enough to cope with the traffic I am receiving and my needs for expansion. I want to expand on the community I already have.

As part of this I need to migrate (or use) all of the wordpress data I already have. This is a lot of data (over 50,000 comments, and nearly 600 articles).

I receive a lot of traffic every day and my site is only JUST coping with it because I am using caching software. When I get a front page on reddit/fark I have to enable SQUID (which I can only use temporarily because it screws with my users commenting).

What I need is a really robust backend that can cope with the traffic and more. I have two servers (one MySQL server and an HTTP server). I want to stay with this configuration if possible.

I also need a nice fresh and clean design (but the backend is the most important thing).

Can anyone recommend a good development company that can help me get this all together? I am so sick of having a site that feels pieced together on wordpress that I can't make major changes to for fear of the whole thing collapsing.

Many thanks,