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    Best processing rates for Master Card and Visa


    What is the best CC processing rate (discount rate) for Visa and Credit card you've ever been offered? Do you know w merchant provider who offers under 1.2% for Master card and under 1.5% for Visa and what kind of volumes do they require.

    PS: We have excellent Merchant account, so I'm not in search of a new one. Just want to know if anyone benefits from rates lower than those above.
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    I have seen rates below the mentioned but it was for huge mainstream merchants within retail. Not much lower but lower.
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    It will really depend on the volume. The card associations want their fee. heck, Visa even sued First Data because First Data was able to approve / deny the transaction is First Data had a relationship with both the issuing and acquiring bank - cutting Visa out of the pie. Fortunately, that was settled.

    The general rates are posted on their respective sites as well. But when you are doing hundred of thousands transactions a day, you are able to negotiate a little bit from time to time. Case in point is Sam's Club. They were able to finally work out a deal with MasterCard for a low rate to accept that card at their stores (no longer requiring a PIN).

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