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    Adobe Photoshop tutorials

    I find it very difficult to make animations on Photoshop. Can somebody help to guide me?

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    You said it. Although it is possible to create animations in Photoshop, it is not primarily an animation tool and most of the phosothop tutorials you will find on the web have nothing to say about animation.

    Are you into animating GIFs? or vector animation? You may want to look at Flash. But anyway, I'll go have a look at my bookmarks and see if I can find anything on PS animation.

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    phOTOSHOP FOR touching up images....fireworks for optomization and flash for aniation

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    Photoshop can definitely optimize images. Fireworks can also touch-up images, although not as robust as Photoshop can. Again, it depends on what kind of animation he/she is talking about. If it's just GIF animation, then Fireworks will work well while on Photoshop it's a real pain for some.

    The Adobe site has a tutorial on animating layers with PS, and you should check it out if you're interested in it.

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    Imageready is the companion that comes with photoshop and is fairly easy to use here is a tutorial:

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    Lightbulb Adobe animation is easy if you use layers with your last cell part of the new motion.

    Adobe is easy if you use layers as a base. make your master semi transparent so you can review the last animation. Later changes are made in a different layer. hope this helps you.

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    ... in my mind ...

    combination of programs...

    paintshop pro, version 5, 6 or 7 comes with "animation shop"... you can use the layering features of paintshop pro to create the individual "frames" of your animation, touch them up, size them, save them as individual .gif files, then let animation shop's animation wizard open them up for you and offer you lots of great options for your animation, including, but not nearly limited to: frame rate, file optimization, edit frames (duplicate, delete, cut-copy-paste in any order you like), additional "built in" animation extras, such as "searchlights", "under water", "blinds", "fade", and on and on.

    i use photoshop as well, and occasionally will develop the images there using layers, especially if i want more control over text. then i save the .gif "frames" to a folder and open in paintshop pro's "animation shop".

    ulead's "cool3D" is excellent for 3-D text animation, and animations created there can be exported to animation shop for additional fine tuning.

    in the six years i've been designing websites, i have come to rely on many different programs. flash offers its own special advantages, fireworks, image maker, illustrator all have things the others don't. i'll hang on to an old piece of software (such as "animagic") because maybe it does just one thing the others don't, and that one thing is important enough to have in the "bag of tricks".

    paintshop pro is sometimes called the "poor man's" photoshop. i use it and i'm not poor. i find it one of the most versatile image editors out there. loads up quickly, and has a great thumbnail image browser built in.

    at this stage, i wouldn't give up any of them, but i still use paintshop pro for most of my initial planning and "scratchpad".
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    Use ImageReady for creating animated .gifs. It's pretty simple. Otherwise, look to a program like Ulead's Gif animator. It's a nice program, easy to use.

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    Debabelizer Pro (although not very common) is good for GIF animation as well. I usually take four or five scenes in PhotoShop to Debabelizer and use it to string them together into a nice pretty little moving picture.

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    go try out lots of great stuff there.
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    ImageReady is the tool here.

    Photoshop is not meant for .GIF animations.

    For me ImageReady came handy in the Photoshop package. I don't know, but maybe was a special offer.



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    Ulead has a great program where you can easily animate the images. Works well for me.

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