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    VPS account with multiple domain setup?

    Hey guys,

    I have a VPS account with WHM/Cpanel console access. I have three domains that I am trying to setup. Within WHM I have setup three different accounts, one for each domain. I am able to login to the cPanel for all three accounts. This also created a new web directory for each domain in /home/domain_name/public_html/. I have placed my default index.php in all three public_html with the same permissions. But only 1 domain is working the other two are not. What am I missing? I have confirmed that all three have the correct DNS servers with godaddy and I can do an nslookup on all three. My provider told me to share the IP so that is what I am configured as.. Any help??? Thanks

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    the ip should be shared by the installation i think?

    Did you go through the setup pages when you first loged into whm?
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    I did run through the initial installation with WHM but don't remember anything specifically asking about the IP. My provider only gives me 1 dedicated IP for this VPS account as well.

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