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    Searching for a Mirror-Sponsoring [UCEPROTECT-Network]


    My Name is Manfred and I'm a Mirroradmin of the UCEPROTECT Network. (

    Because of an explosion of Users we are searching for some Mirror-Sponsors for new public DNS/WWW/RSYNC Mirrors.

    We are searching small dedicated machines with about 150GB Traffic.

    If you are interessted and want to help us, keeping users INBOX clean, i would like to hear from you per PM.

    Best Regards
    Manfred Hielder
    UCEPROTECT Network

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    Apr 2003
    Hello mhielder, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Hi again.

    We would thank

    Net Services Group ( for sponsoring US-Mirror-1
    & ( for US-Mirror-2

    Best Manfred

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