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Thread: ResellerChoice?

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    Anybody hosting on ResellerChoice? All of my sites, as well as Control Panel, are currently down. No response in past hour to support ticket, and clients are calling. Curious if anyone else is having problems.

    This is my first real problem with them, but have been using their services only about 3 months, and I'm nervous. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Did you try to contact them via phone?

    Is that ?
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    Is that ?
    Yep, that's the one. The phone msg advises they do not provide tech support by phone, choosing sales option gets recorded msg. Their live chat feature is currently not available. In all fairness, their email ticket response has been excellent in the past so phone support has not previously been an issue. No response now in about 1.5 hours. In the past, got faster response even on low urgency support questions.

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    Hi OC404

    We did lose connectivity to one of our web servers last night around 4am central time. Your account must have been located on that server. Please open a ticket with us if you have not already, We will give you the full RFO,

    We do honor our SLA, Please PM your reseller details so we can assign you a credit, you can also open a ticket.

    We received a very high number of chat requests, tickets and telephone calls at the time of your web servers outage and did our best to answer everyone, we called in additional help to answer all customers requests for information once we noticed that some calls and chats were being dropped or abandoned.

    You are correct we do have a good history of providing fast responses and resolutions to customers issues and are very sorry about not being able to get to speak with someone at the time of the outage, our support staff was doing their best to resolve the issue.

    The effected web server is back online.
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    For the record, 25GigPak is correct. Service was restored about an hour after my last posting, and I was remiss in not posting on here that the issue had been resolved. FWIW, the RFO was as complete and absent of excuses as any I have ever received from any host.

    My anxiety level headed skyward when I could not contact anyone by ticket, phone or chat, stirring up old memories of a completely different host who closed shop and disappeared in the middle of the night. Paranoia was my problem, not ResellerChoice.

    I've only been with ResellerChoice about 3 months, but it has been a very positive experience. I would not hesitate to do it again.

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