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    InnoHosting Ltd. : Hiring Sales Advisors

    Dear All,

    InnoHosting Ltd. is hiring Sales Advisors to work remotely.

    NOTE: All applicants must carefully read and then respond. Any applicant which responds without reading and following the instructions will not only be ignored, but any future applications with InnoHosting Ltd. and subdivisions will be ignored.

    No outsourcing companies - no exceptions.

    - Must be over 18
    - Must speak English fluently. English must be your first langauge
    - Experience with cPanel/WHM
    - Experience in the hosting industry
    - Understand the nature of reselling webhosting
    - Must be able to dedicate a set time of hours
    - Must be easily contactable by phone or other digital medium
    - Must be able to speak on the phone and Windows Live Messenger

    Profile Pre-Requsites
    You must have the following personal qualities
    - Self motivated
    - Enthusiastic
    - Able to pick up new concepts quickly
    - Willing to learn
    - Able to work well under pressure
    - Patient and understanding
    - Able to work independently

    Job Specification
    Your title will be a Sales Advisor. Your role will involve the following duties:
    - Answering Sales tickets
    - Setting up new accounts and services
    - Perform account migrations
    - When you are comfortable with the InnoHosting infrastructure, you may also be asked to accept telephone sales calls.


    This position also includes commission.

    Please note, this role does require you to advertise InnoHosting Ltd. however you can still earn commission by completing sales via the tickets. The marketing etc. is all handled by InnoHosting Ltd.

    Commissions are a bonus on top of the normal pay. So regardless if you convert any sales, you will still be paid for your time.

    You can be paid in the following (you decide):
    - Bank Transfer (in USD$ currency or GBP currency)
    - PayPal
    - Cheque (USD$ currency or GBP currency)

    Payment to you can be made either every two weeks or at the end of the month.

    Working Hours and Availability
    We require you to be available on a daily basis. Working on weekends is not necessary however it is optional for you to decide.

    You must be available at least between 7PM GMT London and 11PM GMT London for the purpose of collaboration with other staff members. In addition to the above it is necessary for you to be available at other times of the day (negotiable) in order to answer tickets.

    Unfortunately, this position is not open to anyone that is located in a timezone that exceeds 7hrs +/- GMT London. This includes anyone located in Australia.

    To Apply
    Do not respond to this thread requesting me to contact you. We will not contact anyone. *You* must contact InnoHosting Ltd. providing a copy of your CV (Resume). You will be required to sign an NDA before any further information regarding this position is released. Contact details further down.

    - You must be able to provide a valid government accepted ID (drivers license, government issued identity card, passport etc.)

    - You will be thoroughly assessed on what you claim on your CV/Resume to validate the claims.

    - You will be trained for one month.

    - Your first week is probationary.

    Contacting InnoHosting Ltd.
    You must email me your CV/Resume to [email protected]
    At the same time, please also add me on MSN messenger to discuss the role. This role cannot be discussed via e-mail. It must be done via a live medium.

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