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    not just another monitoring solution thread

    Hey all...

    We have been using a combination of IPcheck and the Dell Management suite to monitor our infrastructure. Dell Management Services work great as far as predictive hardware failure, actual hardware failure, managing firmwares/bios/etc. However, Dell Management really doesnt handle service monitoring and other network health related services.

    Currently we are using IPcheck to monitor various services and although we have been happy with the solution, it really doesnt handle everything we need it to. We want a more centralized location to monitor our networks and all the various services running on servers, etc...

    We have looked at IPMonitor and think this may fit the bill. The price tag is pretty steep, but, if it does everything advertised, it is certainly worth it. Is there anything else people have used or can recommend?

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    A product similar to that which I have used in the past is WhatsUpGold - IPMonitor does look nice. WhatsUpGold has a slightly better price tag, though both are super expensive.

    Another solution I have recently been playing with is Zabbix - which is a free monitoring solution. The server is Linux based though (where IPmonitor and IPCheck appear to be Windows) and the configuration of it is very involved and takes some time.

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    I have had some personal experience with WhatUpGold and the company I worked for was very happy with it. However, the price tag is very high for what it does IMHO.

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    Thanks for the recommendations

    whatsupgold seems promising. Its pricing actually isnt too bad considering it is done by device rather then by sensor. The issue with ipmonitor is sometimes we create 10-30 sensors per device (depends on what sort of device and how much stuff we need to monitor), so, the pricing gets out of hand. believe it or not, whatsupgold seems pretty inexpensive in comparison.

    I am going to demo the product and see if it will do the trick....

    as for - yeah, we had looked at that - just not practical with all of the configuration required to set it up. We need something that is much more intuitive and much less time consuming to set up for each device... thanks for the suggestion though - we certainly want to look at every option available and I love open source stuff if its a good fit

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