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    Question hosting for less than $50 !?!

    Hi everyone,

    i'm looking for a cheap hosting plan who works with postnuke and shoud have at least:
    50meg (not less)
    php (as less as possible disable function)
    stable enough
    under $50/year
    bandwith 2 gig month.

    my worry are about the php disable function and the stability/respond of the service.

    so i've found this hosting plan "Starter" :
    but i've no idea how good is the service.

    what do you guys think about it ? is anything better out there ?
    any proposition

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    You should post this in web hosting request thread.. u will get more offers there, since hosting companies can't advertise here (I mean post-reply)

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    You could post in the requests forum.. I am SURE *someone* would be able to offer you something better

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    Please post this requirement in "Hosting Request Forums" as for i could not find any particular reviews on it on these forums...

    Thank You.

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