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    Experienced Admin available for one-off and/or contract work also PT/FT

    As it's that time of year I find myself having time available to do various admin tasks to assist other companies.

    This isn't limited to just companies either. Need an un-modded install of SMF or the like? I will handle those as well, no job too small or too large.

    I have approximately 2 years of linux experience and roughly 6 years of FreeBSD experience under my belt. I have also worked on and deployed a local Windows 2000AS network in the past inclusive of monitoring and repair of any issues on it.

    Should you need assistance with anything contacts:
    MSN: jschurawlow ()@()
    PM on WHT
    Phone (USA): (610) 973-5973 (keep this to emergencies only please)

    Just for some ball park figures:
    PHP based script installs: $5-$10 USD (un-modded stock install)
    Server Admin tasks (anything from DNS and MX setup on up): contact for a quote

    Also I do require clients contracting my help to be reasonable about what is expected for the price given (if something is agreed to be done it needs to be stuck to, no changes in the middle of work having begun, so just be sure you know what you want done).
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    Some Qualifications (I've worked on or similar variants):

    FreeBSD 4.x, 5.2.1, 5.3+,6.x+
    Redhat 9, Fedora Core 1+, CentOS 4+
    Windows Server 2000AS, Windows Server 2003

    Applications (including but not even close to limited to):
    • Bind 8 and Bind 9
    • Apache 1.3.x
    • Apache 2.0.x
    • Apache 2.2.x
    • Mysql 4.0.x,4.1.x,5.0.x
    • PHP 4.x,PHP 5.x
    • Vpopmail
    • Qmailadmin
    • exim
    • postfix

    Control Panels:
    • Cpanel
    • Directadmin
    • Plesk
    • webmin

    Please further note I am able to adapt quickly to just about any control panel system.

    Please feel free to contact me via any method present in the previous post. Also I am willing to negotiate prices slightly less than most (keep in mind however I am not slave labor though).
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    PA, USA
    Where in PA are you located? Also, what control panels are you familiar with?
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    Thank you for your interest Dave, but as we spoke previously I am unable to meet 24hr notice on-call/on-site.

    Also I'll add the control panels on my previous post.

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