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    Payment Processor/Invoice Needed

    Hi all,

    I am looking for some kind of cart system that is very very simple, all i need it to do is submit one form to me as i do account creations manually. At the moment i use a simple php form to do this but it is very unsecure.

    Could anyone recommend me to a secure form script?

    A bonus would be one that sets the results of the form into some sort of invoice.
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    take a look at

    it has everything you need and more

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    Thanks for the link i have looked at them before but it includes just far too much stuff that i do not need
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    Are you looking for a user accounting program? If so, what about amember?

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    You can use a whois script together with a form mailer script(for example MRWhois + PHPMailer).
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    Thats pretty much what i was looking for. Thankyou!
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