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Thread: Layered Panel

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    Layered Panel

    I looked this software at layered panel . com
    Anyone tried it?

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    I get a 404 error when I go there home page.

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    I don't have any idea, we use Hsphere the best on the market!

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    I'd recommend using iPanel with cPanel. Its makes a great combination and both are really easy to setup. I tried LayeredPanel but found it difficult to get going, in that because it is a "complete package", you can't have anything already on the server before you install it...... Easy, right? Nope, not even LayeredPanel could get it going. Plus, with the added bonus of using a control panel like cPanel, there are heaps and heaps of extras that you won't see in LayeredPanel.

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    I prefer cPanel to be honest (despite the fact I hate cPanel with a passion).

    To me, all control panels are equally as annoying as each other But I use cPanel to provide hosting to my clients.

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    are you using layeredpanel for free webhosting site?

    I have used layeredpanel and it is piece of Sh*t.
    Now they have released new version which might be better (but I havent used it as no upgrade script is available yet)
    Support was horrible although new owner is trying very hard to improve it. (getting better I would say.
    Here are some Pros and cons of this script.

    1. Can Handle Unlimited users.
    2. Easy to put force ads
    3.Best free hosting panel available in the market. There is nothing better than this so far. (except custom ones that some sites are using)

    1. No one except Layered panel staff can fix if there is any problem with server. Ever starting service like apache etc are not easy.
    2.If you have to move to new server its pain in the neck.
    3. There is no proper documentation.
    4.Doesn't work with cPanel

    So I would suggest cpanel +ipanel if number of users per server is not an issue for you (as you can only have about 100-1500 users per server)

    Hope this helps.

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    1. LP is a specialized panel for free web hosting providers NOT a server control panel so most of this discussion is not relevant at all.

    2. Alvin - sorry to hear about these experiance. We had similar feedbacks at that time and as a result we had entirely changed our support team and systems. We solve 100% of issues for all support paying customers within super fast time lines (ask on our forums and see for yourself).

    And another point to think about - the issues ("cons" you describe are mainly if you don't pay attention to abuse or hack/mod your LP box.
    LP V2 is stable and fast and will NOT work with other panels as it require 100% free IPs and most panels listen to "all".

    LP drives some of the heaviest free host providers on the planet (check our customer list) and had been proven stable and secure for years.
    The other free hosting panels you mentioned are merely "scripts" being limited and weak. LP is a complete sandbox with 100% self contained services highly tuned and custom compiled to stand loads.

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    How does this combat abuse? I had iPanel + cPanel combo and get abusers from day 1. Only reason why I go paid only now.

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    LP has an abuse detection system that looks for pre-defined words, URLs, files etc and notifies the owner of suspicious sites.

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