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    Potato King [PART 2]

    Sorry guys for starting another thread, I just need fast help to choose the best logo for my friend.

    We have designed new logos for it, and edited the one we like.

    Biju - I want you to come up with a nice slogan for it, the current one sucks.

    bear - your idea for the logo was awesome, we used it but it didnt interest my friend, so it's better you if you come up with another

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    1 or, the last few that have pics of potatoes will confuse people they may think its potatoes for sale not french fries

    also i like the crown on them not the other curvey thing.

    i think numbeer 2 looks the best in my eyes, but this could just be me. also i think the fries need to look a touch browner and more crispyer.

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    First one definitely.

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    It's very rare that you see logos made up of bitmap images, and there's a good reason for this. When you do this, you risk not being able to transfer the image to all possible materials on which it might need to reside. Right now, the logo might "work," but try transferring it to a t-shirt, or takeaway bags. Then try a billboard! You're going to find that your reliance on bitmap imagery will hurt you badly down the road.

    Stick with digitally drawn imagery for your logo, and use photography in conjunction with the core logo to create promotional materials. Use pictures of fries for posters, ads and other promos, but use a drawn logo everywhere!

    I would select none of these, because they will all get you into trouble, and I don't find them particularly appetizing either.

    FWIW, I like the text font in #4 and the crown in #2 best. You could probably do something with these elements.
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    Potato King where you are the King

    You are King at Potato King

    Your logos having nothing that grabs a persons attention. I really don't care for any of them. Have you considered farming the logo out to a professional log developer?

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