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    Question Dedicated, Managed an cheap server?

    Hi, i'm an ex-client of You know if exists anything similar? I have searched and nothing i has finded except this: jonesolutions dot com

    Thanks (and sorry about my bad english).

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    Before we can start recommending solutions, what is your budget?

    I also recommend searching the forums, and checking out the "dedicated offers" section.
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    With management (as opposed to unmanaged servers), you're primarily paying for somebody's time. Hopefully, that somebody will be skilled in server administration and security but that also means their time is valuable, and as such that costs.

    Be careful when choosing "cheap" managed providers, and think about what they're cutting corners on to make their business plan viable.
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    exists anything similar
    Similar to what? Company or server? - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    There are many companies out there... What's your requirement, budget etc?
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