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    I Need Help Importing into Thunderbird

    When I use Thunderbird to import my address book, it does not ask where
    to look to import the file. Is there some special place I need to put
    my outlook express file for the thunderbird software to find it?

    h t t p : / / k b . m o z i l l a z i n e . o r g / I m p o r t _ f r o m _ O u t l o o k _ E x p r e s s says:

    "Subsequent to launching Thunderbird for the first time, you can
    also go the the 'Tools' menu, select 'Import...', and then individually
    import your mail, address books, or settings from Outlook Express."
    This does not work. when I select "Tools" menu and select
    "Import..." it never asks for a file name and it produces an error
    that says in a box that pops up "No address books were found to import".

    I used Outlook Express in another computer and I am setting up a new computer.
    The old computer is a Windows XP computer and the new one is a windows Vista.
    I am trying to move the address book and other settings from the old computer
    that has Outlook Express to the new computer which does not have Outlook Express.

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    Here is the situation. I am setting up a new computer that does not have
    Outlook Express or any other previous email software. I am trying to move
    the settings and the email accounts and data from another computer.
    I just managed to do one thing that will help. On the older computer,

    I just downloaded and installed Thunderbird and I loaded all the old email
    and settings into that copy of Thunderbird. So the question now is this.
    How do I move this information from the older computer to the new computer?
    What data files do I look for for moving from the older computer?
    I looked for an export option and I did not find one.

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