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    Question Is Classic Hosting out of business?

    Does anyone know whatever happened to Classic Hosting? Their domain ( expired a week ago. I have a client who recently bought a domain there for 10 years but the whois shows only 1 year, and the whois says it's registered to Classic themselves. Classic did this with at least 1 other customer I know of, and it was quite a struggle to get them to add the other paid-for 9 years of registration onto the domain. They never did give that customer access to their own domain registration to take possession of and modify contact info, etc. From everything I've seen, Classic had a long history of registering all domains in their (Classic's) own name. If I understand correctly, the Registrant of a domain is the legal owner. So as Registrant of all those domains, Classic legally "owns" all the domains they registered for their customers??

    Can't call Classic because their phone number is phony (no pun intended): "Tel. +1.8888888".

    I'm assuming they finally got hoisted by their own petard, but if so this will be even worse for the poor folks that got ripped off.

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    Maybe they forgot to renew the domain and noone cares checking website, emails ...
    The administrative contact of domain should be domain owner so that you can transfer domain away if there's issue. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    That's what we're hoping anyway. But it seems like they'd know if their own site was down.
    The administrative contact of domain should be domain owner so that you can transfer domain away if there's issue.
    should be, yes. But they never do/did that. ALL whois info on all the domains registered at Classic has always been 100% Classic Hosting's info: Registrant, Administrative, Technical, Billing, all identical. So it's impossible to transfer any domain away. When another of my clients asked them about it, Classic claimed this practice was to prevent fraud, in case they got chargebacks on domain purchases etc. Yet even after confirming the customer's payment was good, they never replaced whois info with the customer's own information.

    So if it's more than just an expired domain on Classic's part, their domain customers are all screwed.

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