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    about co-location

    Now people use MBIT as bandwidth instead of GB. Whats difference between them?
    Such as 500GB, I know it is cap of transfer is 500GB. so 2mbit, what does it mean?

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    well you can xfer 2mbit per sec upto 500GB, basically 200k/sec until you reach 500GB
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    When people use mbit (megabit), they are usually referring to per second, when people use GB (gigabyte) they are usually referring to per month.

    1 byte = 8 bits, this is how data is stored on a computer (binary form, 8 bits). Here is a relative look at the max you can transfer with 1megabit per second:

    Basically, mbit is speed, GB is amount of data.

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    Keep in mind that most websites have peaks and valleys in their traffic graph, so if you are peaking at 1Mbps, you're probably pushing 180-200GB per month. The rest is lost to idle bandwidth in off-peak hours.
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