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    Webhostingpad not reliable

    Hi all, I want to share a bout webhostingpad. My website was down for two days ago (as a time of writing) .They did not tell me what happen and did not tell me before it's happen. So take a careful to choose this webhost. Anyone share with me.

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    seems a bit like an oversell, how long were you with them and what size plan did you have? was there server down or just your site?
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    Did you contact them to see what the issue is? If not I would suggest you do so as this forum is great, but not really the best avenue to get support.
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    Your post is a bit vague. Did you submit a ticket?

    Also, please share a domain you're hosting with them, to validate your review.

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    With that much space and bandwidth at that price level I don't think there is really any room for complaints.
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    it was down and one of the top ones in webhostingstuff when I last looked!

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