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Thread: What if ?

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    What if ?

    What if you check out a web hosting company's site and it says " The site has currently reached its bandwidth limit - Please try again"

    How much business would u do with them :p

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    rofl what business was that...thats just...this is what i cant figure out is why rs only offers linux servers yet their site is asp? chilisoft?
    -Robert Norton

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    I'd probably be more concerned if that bandwidth exceeded page stayed up for more than a few minutes It's entirely possible to exceed the account if they have it set on one of their regular plans (though you'd assume they'd bump it up in case of this exact issue). It would have to be one of the more embarrassing things that could happen though.

    Very considerate of you not to mention who they are

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    its no one,, but this idea just came into my mind .. ha ha

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