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    Text console not working -- Supermicro IPMI

    I have a SuperMicro server with AOC-SIM1U.

    I was able to login from IPMI View just fine, and everything works as expected except
    "Text Console ". I was able to hit the start button and get the black screen on IPMI View, but that was just about it.

    Only a cursor blinking without texts.

    Is there something else that I should do in order to get text console working? I've tried all baud rates.

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    Did you enable serial console redirection in the BIOS? It's generally not turned on by default.
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    serial console redirection is enabled on COM B, and console redirection after bios post is also enabled.

    I rebooted the server a couple times, and what I found out was that I get all POST screens without any problem up until kernel is loaded. After that, all I get is blank screen. Strange. I even disabled splash image in grub.

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    Chong, thanks for the pointer. I didn't know that a configuration needs to be done on Linux in order to use serial console.

    I added

    s0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty ttyS1 115200 --> /etc/inittab
    ttyS1 --> /etc/securetty

    and everything works out fine.

    Note that adding serial serial console configuration into grub.conf caused grub to freeze when booting up. -- I removed the configuration and I still can see/control grub menu.

    After the kernel is loaded, the screen goes blank until all services are started.

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