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    Arrow 450 clients for sale

    I am looking to sell my business.

    Please see below if interested. Details are:

    Hardware assets
    - 4 colo'd servers (running mix of Win2K and Linux)
    - remote reboot switch
    - Cisco switch

    Other assets
    - 450 customers (approx 50/50 USA/UK split)
    - Approx 3500 GBP cash
    - Sophisiticated customer control panel with following features
    .- Add/remove/edit customers
    .- Send signup emails
    .- Integrated trouble ticket system
    .- Server database
    .- Service database
    .- Server incident log
    .- Mass customer email
    .- Finance reporting
    .- Lots more
    - Very good website (obviously I cant show)
    - Incorporation in the UK

    The customers are currently hosted on a mix of the servers mentioned, and also dedicated (leased) servers which have not been included as assets.

    Turnover is currently running at 3500 to 4000 GBP per month, and increasing month on month by approx 200-400.

    Serious offers only. Please place your bid in this thread, and only bid if it is similar or higher to the last offer. Bidding starts at 10,000 GBP please. For currency conversion:

    A few more important points:
    - the URL won't be given out at this stage
    - it will be an auction style sale with a reserve
    - it is an 'all or nothing' sale

    Reason for sale: Moving away from hosting to bespoke web programming and managed services.
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    why do u want to sell it?
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    If you don't get someone to buy ALL in the future and still want to unload some, I'd be interested in the colo customers, the remote reboot switch and cisco switch.
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    Hi there,

    A couple of questions

    1) What are the monthly costs of doing business actually, for the whole operation (with an approx. breakdown)

    2) Is there a payment gateway attached to the system?

    3) Do all your clients pay by Credit Card or you have to mail invoices and everything

    4) What is the pricing (approx.) of your shared hosting plans?

    5) In your opinion, is the business relocatable in US?


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    Have you now sold?

    Best Regards
    Adam Heavens
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    Is this sold?
    .: Richard

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